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Friday, June 15, 2012

Shredded Chicken Tacos

My husband loves tacos. I do not. So for the entire year we have been married I have never made him tacos. But, luckily for him, I have been weirdly craving a chicken quesadilla. So when I asked him what I should make with the whole chicken I bought at QFC, and he said tacos, I conceded. I cooked the chicken in the Crockpot today and tonight I made him tacos, and a quesadilla for myself. He assured me the tacos were amazing, so here's what I did.

I used one of the breasts from the chicken for the tacos and the quesidalla, shredding it from the chicken into a pan. I added chicken taco seasoning and water and sauteed for about five minutes while I fried the taco shells. I always like to fold white corn soft tortillas in half and fry them in a pan of oil for about thirty seconds, turning them over half way in.

I also cut up lettuce, parsley, white onion, and tomato for the toppings. He added cheese and hot sauce.

The picture was definitely an afterthought. As he was about to eat them I said, "No, Wait! I need a picture for my blog!"

I will use the rest of the chicken and the stock for an amazing soup tomorrow. I'll post more about that later!

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