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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hand Sewn Coasters

Rob and I were going to go to the Fremont Fair today. But then we remembered that we don't really like crowds, and we'd have to pay to get out there, so we stayed home instead! So on my free Saturday afternoon I decided to stop complaining that we don't have any coasters and do something about it!

I wanted to base them off of the quilt we have on our bed, which was made by my grandmother and given to us as a wedding present.

I know, I come from quite the family of crafty ladies! Since my budget for crafts these days is 0, I looked through the box of craft items I brought with me to Seattle, which included some blue fabric I hadn't found a use for, and lots of yarn. Inspiration!

I do have my sewing machine here, but I have no place to set it up. That's alright though since I was in no rush, and it can be extra rewarding to make something entirely by hand.

I started out by hand sewing three sides of two pieces of square blue fabric together with a running stitch.

Then I turned that inside out, ironed it, and closed out the last edge using a whipstitch. 

I got out a large needle, threaded my yarn through, and did a blanket stitch to match the edges of my Grandmother's quilt.

I'm happy with the results, and I will make a whole set eventually. 

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